I want a cup of coffee so badly.

Unfortunately, my stomach has been bothering me since Dec. 13. The night of the holiday party that was capped off with a prayer at the porcelain god.

Yes, for 24 days my stomach has been cranky.

Generally, that means something is bothering me. Kind of like my body's own neon sign that flashes "Pay Attention to This." If I really ignore it, it progresses to vomiting. I'm not there, but I have been fighting waves of I feel like throwing up on occasion.

Usually about a week into whatever, I catch myself and ask, OK, what's bothering me? I can usually pinpoint it and work through it and everything returns to normal.

This time I have asked myself and thought I figured out the answer. More than once.

No such luck so far. So I am on a rice, toast, plain pasta diet. No fruits or veggies or anything I think might exacerbate the situation. I've not had a cup of coffee since Christmas day. I am really struggling with withdrawal. Not so much from the caffeinated affects of coffee, but from the ritual itself.

I thought I might try today. My normal Sunday morning routine. But a recent trip to the bathroom negated that. I'm taking a class at Apple this afternoon and it would be awfully embarrassing to be known as the student who ran from class clutching her you-know-where.

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