My neighbor catty-corner across the street had a party last night. It must've been pretty fancy because she had a DJ. I know this because I could hear every word he said. In my bedroom at the back of the house.

I think he stopped around 11p, but the party went on until sometime between 3:30-4a. I know this because I looked at the clock at 3:15a.

Why they were in the front yard I have no idea. It had to be 40 degrees or below. I understand during the dancing and while most of the crowd is there — just to stay cool. But when you are down to say the final four or five, you should move it inside (yes, I looked out in the 3:15a range).

I was not awake all this time. When I turned off the TV and lights, Gigi laid there and growled for a while. We live in a quiet, older neighborhood. This was probably the loudest party I've heard in the 5+ years I have lived here. Which is why I didn't complain. It was Friday. It's the holidays. She's never thrown a party like that before. Now, if she has another one next week . . .;-)

As I left this morning to go read, I checked out her porch. It was a mess. Although, I was particularly impressed by the tall martini glass triangle (for lack of a better word) that they'd built.

I got home from the grocery store about 30 minutes ago and she was just then starting to clean (and still in her robe!). Unfortunately, the wind must've blown some of the glasses over. Sad. It was so pretty.

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