I love the concept of the The Mayfly Project. Being able to describe my year in 24 words. I've done it a couple times: 2002 and 2005 and mentioned it many more.

This has been an interesting hour. Going back to old Decembers looking for my Mayfly. And just reading. Remembering. There were many painful posts talking about my Godmother. And now she is gone.

I usually struggle a lot during the holidays with sadness and my depression. This year has been an anomaly and I almost don't know what to do with myself. It is so nice to be here and feel peaceful. To not struggle getting out of bed. Looking forward to the holiday without dread.

I also found a post I've done for several years. The first sentence from the first post of each month this year:

Happy New Year!

New Harry Potter due July 21

I mean really.

First post was of Race pictures.

First post was photos of my Chicago trip.

I had my annual review this week.


Anak, a 31-year-old Orang Utan, holds her five-day-old baby Apie in her arms in Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen, central Netherlands, July 31, 2007.

“I’m just some guy at Google,” he said.

National (all .com): CNN, MSNBC, New York Times

I signed up for NaBloPoMo today.

I got the Adjustment Summary for my "reimbursement" from the insurance company.


My 24 words for 2007:
Losing Gina. High cholesterol. Chalk. Chicago. Minneapolis. Vegetarian. She's gay! Great-nephew. Family pain. Trying to let go. Mother Fuckers. Felix. iMac. Mom's struggles.

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