I spent a year in high school in JROTC. It was there that I learned how important handling of the American Flag is. I had to refold a flag for inspection on more than one occasion. While my life in the military ended my sophomore year, I've never lost that respect for the flag.

About two weeks ago I was sitting at a light and looking around at my surroundings. The business to my right had flags — about six feet apart — all around the roof of their building. They were torn and tattered. Really disgraceful.

So I picked up my cellphone and called the number painted in big, bold letters. No one answered, so I left a message.  I don't remember the message exactly, but I did use words like disgraceful, ashamed and disservice to our country.

A few days later I drove by and all the flags had been replaced.

So I picked up my cellphone again and called. This time I talked to a person. I told them about the message I had left, that I was passing the store again, wanted to express my thanks for the new flags and asked them to pass my message on to the right person.

The phone's got to work both ways right?

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