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One of the things I regret from college is not agreeing to be on the Debate team. I think it was my drama teacher who asked me. I said no because I wanted to focus on my "journalism" career. So much for that idea.

Anyway. I do wish I'd gotten involved with the debaters. Because I am not very good at it. Debating my opinions or thoughts. Being able to support them.

Like what I think about politics or religion.

There were three things my mom taught me that you just didn’t talk about with others. Politics, religion and money. I’d say that later evolved to include sex, but that’s a totally different post.

These were topics that you just didn’t discuss. They were meant to be private. To this day, my mom has no idea who I voted for in the last few elections. She knows how much I make, but no one else does. And when it comes to religion, I know what I believe – articulating it is difficult.

So talking politics is like pulling teeth for me. And nearly as painful.

I have a friend who is an avid, open Democrat. She is not someone you want to debate the best attributes of the Republican party with. She’s a Hillary girl.

I don’t consider myself a Democrat. Or a Republican. I’ve voted both ways in the past 20 years. I vote for the candidate I believe will do the best job.

I don’t like the idea of these titles. I consider myself an American. And I sure wish the candidates would put aside their Democrat/Republican differences and remember that they are Americans too. I want them to do what is best for our country. Our citizens. Regardless if they live in a blue state or red state.

In my goal to be "living an authentic life" full of "Enough!" and "No matter what's!" perhaps its time to talk about who I really am. What I really want. And talking politics and religion seems to be a necessary part of that.

That being said, I am tired of politics as usual.

Sorry girl, but Hillary is politics as usual.

Rudy Guiliani? Please.

The rest of the Republican party? Who are they? I have respect for John McCain, but he is not who we need right now.

So, I am an Obama girl.

When he speaks, I like what I hear. I've read his books and like who he appears to be.

Part of me hesitates to publish this. Sure as I do, tomorrow they will publish photos of him naked with goats or something.

But, if he is who I believe in, then I need to say it.


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