I spent the morning at the Honda dealer. I took the car in about 10 days ago for a noise. They found something else, but heard no noise. Huh?

So I dragged Rob, who has to be the best service manager on the planet, out for a quick spin around the parking lot.

Do you hear that?


So that's a noise, right?


He went off on a little story about how they inspect for safety issues etc… Yes, but I brought it in for that noise. The one we both hear. And it's not fixed.

I was supposed to take it back last Friday, but my hangover precluded that.

This morning Rob remembered me, told my story to another rep, we went for a quick ride and he also confirmed said noise (that now has an added "tweet" to it).

Two hours later the car was fixed. They thanked me for my patience (something they apparently don't see much of) and sent me on my way. And no, they didn't charge me for either visit.

Really, I love these service guys. I had a 2000 Jetta that was riddled with problems. Their service manager drove me to tears once because he HAD to be right. Truly, he said to me, "If you would just listen to me because I know I am right." He made me hate that car. So I sold it within a year and bought my pretty perfect Accord.

My problem? I really want a Prius. I even test drove one earlier in the month. It was everything I hoped it would be.

But as I stood there waiting for my car to be brought around this morning I felt guilty that I'd driven the Prius. That I'd some how betrayed my Honda folks. Now, that says good customer service. That or I need to get out more.

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