Somehow, I don't think I have kept good track of all the movies I have seen this year — in the theater, on DVD or TV. And as I looked at the list, it's really hard to narrow down which might be my favorite.

The Lives of Others is an Academy Award winning movie that probably almost no one heard of. But I loved it. Thought it was awesome. Recommend it totally. Although I do recognize this is a "not for everyone" kind of flick.

What else did I like this year?  Near the top of the list are four movies that were up for the Academy Awards. All well deserving.

Blood Diamond (Full Screen Edition) The Departed (Widescreen Edition)

Volver Little Children

Gosh, I really keep thinking there were some other really good movies, but my list seems limited. I'd definitely recommend:

And I also loved me some action flicks this summer:

The Bourne Ultimatum (Full Screen Edition) Live Free or Die Hard (Unrated Edition)

And what kind of friend would I be without one last plug for the movie highlight of my year?

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