I've been thinking a lot lately about list making. In terms of people I know having "Things I want to do before I die" (or turn 40 or 50 or whatever goal they set for themselves).

I've never made a "to do" list of that sort. Ever. Of things I wanted to accomplish or places I wanted to visit. And I wonder why that is. Because I am afraid I would not accomplish the list? Would I go to my grave thinking I'm a complete failure if I didn't finish everything?

Or do I not have a list because then I might actually have to have some action in my life? That setting these wishes for my life might mean I'd need to try some hard things? That I would need to challenge myself and face some fears?

I wonder if I am where I am because I've not made lists? Not had great goals? That I've let life carry me along and here I am. Am I happy with where I am? Am I settling? And if so, why?

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