When I go somewhere that I know mom would like to go. Like just now. To Target. I had to talk myself into going without her. That it would be ok. That I am not betraying her by going out without her.

Normally I would call and she'd want to go along. But now, with the walking becoming so cumbersome, she is down for the count after a store or two (three today). That was all she could handle before it got to be too painful.

It's hard. I know she hates it. And I do too.

She did a major step last week. I've been nagging her to ask the doctor about a handicapped parking permit. I know she's been listening, just being stubborn. She had an appointment last Friday and I reminded her earlier in the week to ask. "If I remember," she said.

So I made a mental note to call her before the appointment. Her phone was off. So I called the doctors office and left her a message. Yes, do you think you can give this message to give to the doctor to give to my mom during her appointment?

She called later and talked normal for a while. Finally she said, "Smart aleck." I had to laugh.

I'm happy to report she has shiney new handicapped parking permit now! I know it was hard to do and I'm proud of her.

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