I'm at the library right now, and let me tell you — I blend. Thankfully all the homeless guys were kind enough to let me be in the first 10.

I am really torn between buying now and reimbursing myself when the insurance check comes. Problem is I still need to file the claim. I think I finally have all the documents I need and hope to get to it this week.

I am still just hating the whole situation. The alarm. Having to file. Watching my still-jumpy-nearly-three-weeks-later cat.

I noticed Thursday night that my main suitcase is gone. You know, the nice one you have that is just the right size? That one. I kept telling people that "they" broke into my house. I figured there was no way one person could carry the monitor, the box, the printer, the modem and all the cables by themselves. Now, I guess it could've been one person. Mother fucker.

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