Everyone keeps asking how I'm sleeping. OK, I tell them.

And you know, all things considered, I am sleeping pretty well. I'm also having very weird dreams that wake me. And the animals jump at any noise. Then there's generally growling and barking.

I've not been shushing her, because now I want her to bark. Loudly and mean sounding. At least as much as she can as a five pound poodle.

Last night their attention to noise sucked me in. While I live in the "inner city," we have a lot of critters running around. Racoons, possums, skunks and the like. And they like my yard because of the pecan trees. So they walk around making crunching noises with their feet.

I know it is not a human. I can tell by the volume of the crunch. But I still hear it.

I know they're not coming back. They know there's nothing left they can easily take. Well, except for the DVD player and other small kitchen appliances. I'm sure they were on foot or the TVs would've been taken too.

I found an empty jewelry box last night and remembered it held two pairs of my Godmother's earrings. It sucks to know they probably only got pennies on the dollar, but those items precious to me are gone forever.

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