Broke into my house yesterday while I was at work and robbed me.

They started on my front porch. Facing the street. Brazen.

Moved to the drive way. Attempted to jimmy one of my painted shut windows before busting it in.

Went through all my stuff, pulling out drawers and dumping everything on the floor. Stole all my jewelry. Family jewelry. The kind you can't replace like my great-grandmother's wedding band.

Stole my computer, monitor and printer. Oh, and the AT&T modem. Other small, easy to carry and hock items.

Left the back door wide open.

Thank God Gigi and Cory didn't venture out.

Yes, I've filed a police report. I've contacted the bank, filed an alert on my credit reports and talked to my credit card people.

No, I'm not going to run out and buy a new computer.

Mother Fuckers have all of my pictures. If you leave here today thinking nothing else than, "Man I need to back up my stuff," then my work here is done.

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