My mom and her neighbor have known each other over 50 years. My brother and her kids grew up together. Her daughter is like my big sister.

Gerry is 86 now. And she's losing her memory. In an Alzheimer's kind of way.

For the last week or so she's been having tests and they've discovered something on her brain. They've told her she can't drive anymore (yes, she was still driving and yes, the thought of her on the road scared the shit out of me).

Anyway, this is really about my mom more than the neighbor.

You should hear the terror in her voice as we all talk about Gerry not driving anymore.

That is her biggest fear. Losing the ability to drive. Losing her freedom. This has been a very emotional week for her. I've not yet said, Mom, this is not about you, but we're working that way.

I try to ride with her on a monthly basis. Or follow her some where. To keep my finger on the pulse. She's not scared me yet, so we continue to live our lives like normal.

I don't think about my mom not being able to drive. All my life I've imagined that she will work till the day she dies. Which means she will have driven herself there or driven herself home beforehand.

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