That's the kind of day my dog has had.

First I put on her leash, which meant we were going outside!

Then I proceed to walk around the house for 10 more minutes doing stuff. That turned into a hilarious game of the cat chasing the dog leash for me. Not so much for Gigi.

When I let her out the door, she ran down the sidewalk, thinking we were going for a walk. Whoot! Jackpot day!

Instead, I went to the car. Iiiieeeeeeeee! A car ride!

Then we went somewhere we've never been before. A dog park. It's about a 20-30 minute drive, so there was lots of shaking in the interim. Dunno why . . . she loves riding in the car.

Then the long walk to the park from the parking lot. Talk about doggie smell overload!

When we went inside and I took off her leash — talk about heaven! A new place! No leash! I can go where ever I want!

Um, where do I want to go?

Um, what the hell is that large thing bounding in my direction?

Um, why is it smelling my butt?


Poor thing really has no social skills with her own kind. Humans? Now that's a different story. I squatted down with her when the other dogs where hovering to let her know it was ok. I pet them. Pet her. She settled down.

I think she did really well considering the closest dog in size weighed three times what she did. And then there was the Great Dane, whose head probably weighed more than she does.

We walked the loop around the park several times. I'd sit for a while and she'd not wander far away. I'd hoped she would run like a banshee, but no.

After about an hour I can tell she is ready for some air conditioning, so we head to the car and to her favorite store in the whole world: Pet Supplies Plus. They love her to death and always fawn over her and give her treats. She is the queen of all she surveys there.

She got a Greenie for the drive home. I swear that stuff is like doggie crack.

Once we got home, exhaustion set in and she's slept most the day away.

Life is good.

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