Yeah, I haven't watched any TV since Thursday. No, really. I did watch everything I had recorded (except for Reaper). Gone from the DVR list? Back to You. It's cute, but I don't want to invest more time in it.

Oh, wait. I did watch L&O: SVU last night. I like it when the stations re-run shows in the same week.

Tonight I'll watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. No new shows or recordings tonight.


I am pooped. Twice a year the city has garbage pick-up where you can leave anything out. You see washing machines, old TVs and other larger items out along the curbs. I've gotten rid of a toilet that way.

Today I trimmed the bushes and trees in my yard. I was probably out there about three hours, clipping then dragging out front. I butchered one bush pretty badly in the front yard, but I am certain it will bounce back and fill back in.

Now, this is something I would normally hire someone to do, so I am pretty pleased that I saved the money and got in the manual labor myself. But, I am wiped out. Kind of like when you have a sunburn? (I don't.) Just tired and fatigued. What a wuss.

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