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In my finishing products and moving to greener or vegetarian products, I am now using Tom's of Maine toothpaste. Natural Clean & Gentle Care SLS-Free Anticavity plus Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste to be exact.

At first, it was a big YUCK. But then I realized that's because it has no sugar or other chemical sweetners in it. I really, really didn't like it and pressed myself to try it for at least two weeks.

Over two weeks later, I don't even notice the blander peppermint flavor. My teeth do feel as clean post-brushing as they did with the harsher toothpastes. One thing I do miss is a foam-ier coating while brushing.

Happily, I noticed while getting the link above, that they have a patent-pending on glycyrrhizin, a natural ingredient derived from purified licorice root, to foam and disperse ingredients.

Rating: *** (three stars)

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