I loved Judy Blume books when I was growing up. She was the author for my age.  I wonder, what woman in her 40's didn't learn about their periods from Are You There God? It's Me Margaret.
I've been reading essays by women writers who grew up on Judy. They are all poignant recollections. The essays are really interesting takes on the lives of these authors and how Judy's stories affected their childhood.
One in particular really jumped out at me. Lara M. Zeises writes about "The M Word":
I was seven when I discovered the secret.
I'd slip my hand down between my legs, pressing the cotton crotch of my panties inward until I found the right spot. It didn't occur to me to move my fingers around or to remove my underpants from the equation. All I knew is that it felt good, my finger there–sometimes good enough to help me fall asleep.
Later, after many, many nights of experimenting with pressure and position, I rubbed long enough and hard enough and in the right rhythm to feel every muscle down there pull tight together, like a tiny fist, and then explode into waves of hot twitchy goodness…"
She remembers reading a similar scene in Deenie and realizes, Finally, my ten-year-old self thought happily. After all those years of practice! There was a name for what I was doing!
In retrospect, I realize that what I was feeling wasn't so much happiness as relief. Someone else was doing it too. A lot of someones, it seemed. I mean, if there was a name for it, there's no way I was alone. I couldn't be, if it was in a book.
Now, we all know I think masterbation is a good thing. But have you figured out yet what caught me off-guard? She started masturbating when she was seven. Having orgasms before age 10.
I am just blown away by the thought of having orgasms at 10. I must've been way behind the eight-ball in my childhood. At 10 I was still playing with Barbies!

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