Our consumer choices make a difference for the climate. Choosing a Big Mac over a Whopper, or picking a Dell over an Apple may help to slow climate change, suggests a new consumer guide. That’s because McDonald’s and Dell made the “good list” (though not the “great list”) of companies that are taking actions to address climate change. Burger King and Apple received failing scores and are at the bottom of their industries.

Want to know which corporations are greening up and which are just greenwashing? Climate Counts has devised a way to tell. They’ve compiled a free pocket guide listing 56 major corporations according to how serious they are about solving climate change.

If you want to stop climate change and still get those hot new jeans and sleek new laptop, you can, simply by choosing the better of two products. The free pocket guide from Climate Counts can help. Carry it with you and use it as a quick go-to list for everyday shopping decisions. Every dollar we spend is a vote for or against our environmental values and the companies that support them.

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