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What are the 10 foods you must have in your refrigerator and/or your kitchen cabinet? 
Submitted by Carol.  

Must haves. That's hard. Not in any real order . . .

McCann's Oatmeal and/or a Kashi cereal

Barilla Plus pasta

fresh tomatoes and/or cucumbers

dill pickles

cheese (string or Laughing Cow)

Kashi Trail Mix Bars

a variety of Amy's frozen meals

fresh fruit

fresh or frozen veggies

brown rice

new or other potato (sweet included)

Kashi Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies



peanut butter

Crystal Light

Oops. That's more than 10. At one point milk would've been at the top of my list. It's not an essential anymore. What I have in the fridge now expired July 29. Guess I should pour it down the drain and recyle the container.

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