Do you have a pet? What kind of pet do you own, and why did you choose it? 
Submitted by Brendz.  

Do I have a pet?? Have you read my blog at all? 😉

Just over three years ago, Gigi found my mom. I'd taken the day off and was having lunch with a friend when she called. This cute little dog had come into her yard and I should come see her. By the time I did, the dog was long gone, of course.

We were getting ready to run some errands when she took me back to see the work she'd been doing with a chain saw. Yes, chain saw. Yes, I know she was 80 at the time. Here nor there.

While we were back there, the little dog came running back to us. She was so very sweet, so I picked her up and loved on her a little. She was way too thin and boney. I put her down and she followed us around for a while.

We were leaving to run some errands and the dog was still there. She followed us to the car. Then down the driveway. Then she chased the car down the street. I made it about three houses before stopping. I got out, she ran to me so I picked her up, we got in the car and she's been mine ever since.

I love her to pieces. Have I mentioned that lately?

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