I don't really know what this is to be. I just know I am supposed to be doing this right now. I make no promises for what you may find here.

Those are the words of my first post, six years ago today. I started blogging because my mom had cancer. I thought it would be a good place to communicate with everyone without having to tell the same stories over and over.

It's bizarre to go back now and re-read that time in my life. I'm glad I have that documentation. For the record: after a couple different tries at chemo and radiation, mom has been cancer-free for several years now.

Obviously my blog grew to be something more as mom got better. I found I enjoyed the outlet and having mini conversations with myself and whoever else would "listen."

Over the years I've met some really interesting people online through my blog (and in person — hi Lee! hi Kate!). I've worked through issues and still struggle with others. I've taken trips, changed positions at work, bought a house, recovered from depression, read a lot of books.

Sometimes I'll go back and read some of the older posts. Some make me think, Wow, that was a good read and some make me laugh at what a lotta nothing.

I think that writing keeps me sane. Gives me hope. Even on the days when I don't have anything to say.

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