The Botanical Center had a "Dog Days of Summer" type event today. Since there really aren't many places for me to take Gigi, we went early hoping to beat the heat (even at 8:30am we didn't!).

As we got ready, I changed her shirt and pulled out her collar. That's when she goes nuts. When I put the collar on that means we are going somewhere.

We still needed to wait for mom to join us and I wanted to go outside to move the car so mom could park in my driveway (Some punk busted out one of her windows when she was parked on the street last weekend. Didn't steal anything, just did it for jollies.)

Gigi went to the door so she could run to the car. I tried to explain to her that she just needed to wait a moment or two, but she was having none of that and gave me this look:

I mean, how could I not give into that look while she is sitting there like such a good girl?

When we got the gardens, she went nuts. She loves to go places, be around other people and wow! dogs too! People love her because she is so small, and happy, and she wears a cool t-shirt. 

Eventually we decided we'd sweated enough and left. She had such a good time walking, walking, walking. Having much attention paid to her by dogs and their humans. And when we came home? 

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