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Someone in that family really needs to learn how to take better pictures. There are more, but they're too awful to share.

Here's how spiteful I am. I hope that my brother falls madly, deeply, in love with this kid. I hope his daughter gets mad at him and doesn't let him see that baby again for six years. Then maybe he'll realize how much he has hurt his own mom. Our own banishment was between 12- and 18-years-old for her and 10- to 16-years-old for him. Those are years we will never get back and I believe that the bond between us (grandma, aunt, niece and nephew) is irreparably broken.

I sent a cookie bouquet today. My brother called mom to let her know it arrived. Said how cute it was, etc… Could my niece get on the phone and thank Grandma herself? No. Irreparably broken.

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