There are so many good writers on Vox. Eloquent. Moving. Funny. So able to express themselves with the written word. They make me envious. That they are able to write such wonderful tales about their lives, their thoughts, their emotions. Day in and day out.

I wish I had "that." Whatever that is. Sometimes I can reach that. But not every day. Or week. Or month.

I wish I didn't struggle so much to articulate what I am thinking. Feeling. I wish the topics they write about were my topics. That the words they piece together into sentences and thoughts were mine. That I could write those stories. That I could see my life through the eyes of a writer. Able to find the simple in the unexpected. The revealing in the hidden spots.

I wish that every day I could move someone. Make them laugh. Make them think. Make them wish they could write like me.

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