I've always known that I would donate my organs and be cremated. I've never really given much thought as to what to do after that. I think I figured it out: Eternal Reefs.

An Eternal Reefs "Memorial Reef" is a designed reef made of environmentally safe cast concrete that is used to create new marine habitats for fish and other forms of sea life. Eternal Reefs takes the cremated remains or "cremains" of an individual and incorporates them into an environmentally safe cement mixture designed to create artificial reef formations. The memorial reefs are taken to a curing area and then placed in the permitted ocean location selected by the individual, friend or family member.

For families and individuals that choose cremation rather than burial, Eternal Reefs offers a new memorial option that replaces cremation urns and ash scattering with a permanent environmental living legacy. Expected to last 500 years, over 300 Memorial Reefs have been placed off the coasts of Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia.

I mean really, how cool would that be?

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