I like to collect magnets when I travel. They are small, inexpensive reminders of where I have been. I have some stuff I want to put on my fridge as daily reminders, but there's not much room once you get past the magnets!








The top door includes an editorial cartoon about 9-11. There's also a smaller Cathy 9-11 animal-related cartoon near the bottom. There's a note from my Godson. The South Beach Diet "Foods You Should Eat" list. A list of steaming times for veggies. The rest are magnets!

The lower door includes a photo of my Godson when he lost his first tooth. I think that is my most favorite picture of him ever. In the baggie is my Winter Fruit Pie recipe. Down at the bottom is Gigi's city license. Huh. I see some of those magnets are still in their baggie. Sad.

The side holds a Pei Wei menu and an address list of my street neighbors. Everything else is a magnet!

I have been to: Vegas, NYC, Birmingham, Walt Disney World, London (2), Universal Studios (CA), Vancouver, Boston (2), Chicago (3), Shedd Aquarium, Tulum, Salt Lake City, Red Rock (2), Kansas City, State Fair of Texas, Disneyland, Smithsonian, Minnesota, New Orleans (2) and Seattle.

There are 13 magnets with sayings, 11 hearts, two photo frames and two Dixie Chicks. Plus many random ones. It totals to 32 on top, 17 on bottom and 18 on the side. Huh. 67 is probably a lot, right?

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