No mojitos, dammit. We were limited to beer, wine and margaritas.

Co-worker and I only stayed for the happy hour part. I really thought it would be a heavy hors' de oeuvres while standing around drinking whoo-ha, but no, it was a sit-down dinner. We (I need to think up a nickname for her) decided we weren't interested in investing several hours chatting with people we really don't know.

Rooster and Head Hen (read: long-term girlfriend) arrived about 20 minutes after us. She came right over in a beeline to talk with us. At one point he started our direction, saw who we were with and made a huge sharp turn in the other direction.

Partner-In-Crime (that seems long) and I had a good laugh about it after Head Hen moved on. He was really obvious. Anyway, we left not long after that and I'm sure he spent a good part of the evening looking for us.

I say us because he is an equal opportunity flirt. Yesterday was my day. Today was hers. I think he's out tomorrow. Really, I am just having fun with it, although a friend at work is not so sure. Baylor Girl gave me the third degree today.

"Wait. What are you wearing? Are you wearing a plunging blouse?" No.

"Is partner-in-crime going?" Yes.

"Good. I just don't trust you alone."

I should be offended by that, right? đŸ˜‰

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