Rooster was outside my cubicle this afternoon. First he stopped by co-workers office and then peaked around the corner at me without saying anything. I hear him pace some. He drags his feet a certain way.

I hear him slumber down the hall and talk to my boss. Then he comes back. Paces again. I want to call out to him, You don't need an excuse to come talk to me, but I don't.

He walks towards the door to leave and then back.



"I hear Louis set us up."

Oh, how have we been we set up?

"With the icon."

Um, no, not an icon. Let me show you.

We walk through the steps. I tell him there are too many. He's glad it's at least there.

"Those are good looking pears."

Yeah, except they're peaches.

laughs, embarrassed. "I get my colors mixed up too."

I tell him they're from Fredericksburg, fresh picked so that they actually smell like peaches. We talked about how much better home grown tastes. He tells me he's planted tomatoes and they are just getting ripe.

"Last night I had a peanut butter and tomato sandwich."

making an ugly face, What??

"Oh yeah, it's a great summer sandwich."

That's gross!

He asks if the co-worker in the next cubicle has had one since she's from the midwest.

I can tell from her silence that means she's never heard of it either.

"You should really try one!"

Um, thanks, I'll pass.

I forget what he says as he leaves.

He's been really flirty this week. Called me yesterday to ask for a second copy of a book I put together for him to share with an associate outside the company. We'd made a lot of changes last week, so I asked if he had an original (I made three) so I could make sure I had the same docs in the same order. I ask if I can come down to pick it up. "Sure, I'd love to see you."

I pick up. We chat about what I need to do and I move to leave. As I get to the door he calls out, "It was sure great to see you." Um, yeah. Hope everyone in the hall heard that.

Tomorrow night we will be at the same dinner. I think it will be interesting for the entertainment value if nothing else.

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