About an hour ago my mom's office called to let me know that EMS had been called because she was having chest pains and pains shooting down her left arm.

I called back and spoke with mom a few minutes later. She said that she was feeling better and the pain was gone. I asked if she'd taken an aspirin (no). She said that it scared her. Enough so that she let them call 911. She said she would call me back after the ambulance arrived.

25 very long minutes later, I called back. They did an EKG and waited for her blood pressure to come down before proclaiming her "ok" and leaving. She says that she feels fine and she is going to stay at work. I think it is good for her to be around other people right now.

It took every ounce of strength to not tear out of here like a streak and drive the 20 or so miles to be there. I waited because if they transported her to the hospital, I would just meet them there.

I've been worried lately because she has been so tired. This doesn't bring ease to my soul.

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