As I was flipping through my mail when I got home, I found an envelope with my first name handwritten on it. I figured it was from my neighbor. His dad died recently and I'd left him a condolence card.

Neighbor travels a lot and when he does, I feed his cats. On my porch. With the food he leaves for me. Such a struggle.

Anyway, the note is nice:

I just wanted to say thanks so much for the card and everything you've done for me. Everyone should be so lucky to have a neighbor like you!

P.S. Have an evening out on me!

Mind you, this guy has mowed my grass countless times and I'm not sure what else I've really done for him.

I open the enclosed envelope expecting maybe a gift card or something, only to find a $100 American Express Gift Cheque.

My first thought was <insert neighbor's name here> have you been smoking crack?

And that's the exact line I opened with in my "you are so generous but no" note back to him.

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