I have to do something. Although after reading the reviews and seeing it took others two to four hours to put it together, I may have to very nicely ask the kind person who put my armoire together in two minutes for help on this. Really, the amoire would still be in the box five years later if it were up to me. Hence the reason it's still not painted. ::blushing::

Based on the levels of chocolate I've been eating, I am expecting a very nasty period this week. See, earlier in the year my gyno and I decided to dial back on my birth control pill and try something new. After two terrible months, I quickly recalled why I would've gone on The Pill at age 12 had I known about its benefits. I'd really forgotten how terrible my cycle was.

So, I switched back to my old Pill, skipped last month (while we were in Minneapolis). My uterus has been shaking its fist at me today (really, that's what it feels like), and I've been eating chocolate pie (I never crave pie!) like it's going out of style.

Womanhood. Ain't it grand?

Hmm. I meant to connect the chocolate to weight gain. Missed.

I haven't gained back any of the 10 lbs I initially lost. But I haven't lost any either. My six-month follow-up is in August. Time to kick myself in the ass and get some exercise in. I looked into local gyms. None really had the classes I wanted at a price I wanted to pay. The closest Curves smells like smoke (down the strip mall from a bar). I have got to freakin' do something already.

So I did some research and found this at a reasonable price. OK, well not really reasonable, but the best possible price.

I figure I'll start out at a minute or two at a time and work my way up. Anyone care to join me?

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