I had my annual review this week. I hate them. This was one of the best ever.

Tuesday afternoon my boss asked me if I had a few minutes to come into his office for my annual review.

I laughed, Sure!

We sat down and he showed me his completed form.

Um, wait. Don't I get to write anything? I was joking, of course, cause I hate that shit.

Seems the forms were due that day and since he mostly gave me two's (one being the highest), I really didn't have much to add.

It's an interesting relationship I have with my boss. Sure, I report to him — I just don't work with him. On anything. Ever. I ask for stuff (new 20-inch monitor thank-you-very-much) and he says "OK."

He said he didn't talk with anyone except for Rooster about my work and that he had good things to say. I agreed that he and I work well together.

He knows that if he asks for my honest opinion, I'll give it to him.

"He did mention that."

I'm sure Rooster doesn't get that much any more. At our company there is one man running the ship and eight men reporting to him. Rooster is one of the eight. (Technically there is one woman in there, but I'm letting that slide). I think he knows a lot of YES men. Probably not many of them will say, Dude! This is a long-ass sentence. Or If you wanted this to be at a high enough level that no one will understand it, you succeeded. I did too.

Now, a raise should follow. It will be between zero to four percent. Seriously.

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