This is us at 6a before we leave to see Oprah. Yes, Oprah.

Even though we were bumped from the afternoon taping, our employee contact was able to cull together four tickets for the morning taping. We had to be at the studio at 6:30a! 

That's me, Sher, Kathy and Indy.

When we arrived, a line was already forming — I was #14. They started to check us in at 7a. You go through security that is more stringent than the airport. I'd only brought my wallet and a lipstick, so I skipped through pretty easy. They confiscated Kathy's perfume, and Indy's pens and pencils. We heard from someone else that they took all her scrap paper. No stealing Oprah secrets, I guess.

Before we went upstairs to wait, they gave us a bag with a delicious fruit parfait and blueberry muffin. Thank heavens for that because none of us had a chance to eat beforehand.

About 8a, they started calling group names to go downstairs. They fill the floor seats first (I swear they picked the pretty people out of the crowd for those seats). We are in the first row of the stadium-like seating. Right off the aisle she walks in.

The show's producer came in to talk to us as we waited. She explained how things would work and what we should do (cheer/clap loudly). Then she told us we were getting a bonus — they were going to tape two shows with us as the audience. Needless to say, the crowd went wild!

Right before 9a, Oprah sauntered out to her seat. A chaise chair. She is much taller in person. Prettier too.

Then her best friend Gayle came in and they settled in (discussing shoes/no shoes, curl feet under/stretch out). And at 9a, we started taping.

The show featured the winners of an O magazine contest. Oprah and Gayle took 60 women to the Miraval Spa in Tucson. It is a clip show of their five-day stay. Some of it is absolutely hysterical. Some of it is very, very touching. These are some strong women who have faced real adversity in their lives.

It was interesting to watch it from a behind-the-scenes perspective. There is a teleprompter that feeds her an intro line into a segment and then she just runs with it. When it's time to segway segue into a new video or commercial break, a new line pops up for her.

We would "break" for a commercial that would last 30 seconds to several minutes. Sometimes the floor producer would come talk with her, other times she and Gayle just sat there and shot the breeze.

As the first hour wrapped up, the audience won a gift from New Balance: a pair of shoes, hoodie, bra, shirt and two pairs of workout pants. Again, we went wild.

The Oprah and Gayle left to change. They were gone maybe five minutes while the set changed. This time, there were three bar stool like chairs. First Oprah came out and then Gayle with . . . Dr. Oz!!

Wow, is he a cutie in person. And as animated as he seems on screen is not reflective of him really just sitting there making regular conversation. I'll be interested to see the segment on TV.

They talked more about the Miraval trip and interacted with some of the women who participated. Then Martha Beck joined them on stage to talk about her role during the week

All in all, it went by reallyfast. About 11:30a, it was all wrapped up and we were outside waiting for a cab. They didn't tell us when it would air, but it should be easy to figure out. I think it will run on consecutive Fridays. I'll definitely be recording it to watch for us in an audience shot (fingers crossed!).

If you are an Oprah fan, you should absolutely try to get tickets. We had a blast.

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