What is your favorite day of the week?

Sundays. There's just something peaceful and tranquil about Sundays. I sleep in a little. Have my once-a-week Starbucks. Play on the computer. Eat lunch with mom. Watch a movie. Take a nap. Go to the grocery store. Read. Walk the dog. Watch my Godson play sports. Take an extra long shower or bath. Watch some cheesy TV (Desperate Housewives) and not-so-cheesy TV (Brothers & Sisters).

A day like today is nice. Sunny. Windows and doors open. Fresh air.

I woke up early (for me on a Sunday, anyway). Cory was being obnoxious, which woke Gigi, who woke me. It was 7:50a. I gave them the what-for about that, but got up and fed them, went to the bathroom, let Gigi out to pee, etc. Then I crawled back into bed and watched some TV. At 9a I turned the TV off and went back to sleep. Next thing I know it's 11:45a. You know how it is when you wake up and think, Oh I slept too long. Yeah, it felt like that.


I've been reading The Secret. I saw a follow-up Oprah show on the book and how it's affected people who saw her first show on it. I thought it was interesting, so I paged through it at Borders.

It troubled me because it's all about what You can bring into your life. You, you, you (aka: me, me, me). Which is hard for me as a Christian, because I believe that all we have comes through God.

Then a story jumped out at me about one of the "teachers" always finding the best parking places. How he visualizes them and expects them and they are there. Well, that's me. People are always commenting on my "parking kharma." And it is because I visualize it, expect it and it's there. So I bought the book. Because I need to tinker on my rules of attraction.

Another interesting section to me talks about controling our own frequency, likening it to a TV. Well, I do that too. When I lay in bed at night and catch myself dwelling on something negative, I imagine a TV and I change the channel. I visualize an old style TV, the kind we had when we were kids where we had to get up out of our chair and change the channel.

While I get what the book has been saying, it still troubles me. The concept of me, me, me. And then I read my email this morning. I receive a daily Bible verse and it always amazes me when it applies to something I am going through:

 For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. ~ Matthew 7:8, NLT

AKA: The Secret. All good things do come from God, but we gotta ask first.

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