Tonight I picked out the outfit my Godmother will be buried in.

My Godfather asked my mom, who asked me what I thought she should pick. I'll go with you. I knew exactly what I wanted her to wear. A dress set she always looked so nice in.

But it wasn't there. Her wardrobe has been butchered. By her, by him, I don't know. Suits with no skirt, tops with no matching bottoms. Dirty clothes.

I finally settled on a blouse I recognized and a red skirt. I hope they tuck the blouse in around her or she'll get lost in it. I added a small pair of earrings to which my Godfather said, "I'd have never thought you put jewelry on a dead person."

Well, I do. And I will call tomorrow to make sure they shave her lip. And I will arrive early at the viewing to make sure she looks ok. That her lipstick is a good color and her hair is done right. That she looks like herself.

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