What's your favorite heartbreak song?
Submitted by esta86.

Good Lord. So many to choose from, but I am going with the first one that popped into my head:


What If It's You

I've got something to tell you that I just can't say
So I'm writing it down in case maybe someday
Our lives take a turn down a road
We can't see right now


I know you're happy and I'm happy for you
But since you found each other
I've been so confused
Cause I believe there's one soul on this earth
That was meant for mine
I was sent here to find


What if it's you
What if our hearts were meant to be one
What'll I do
Knowing that I'll never love anyone
As much as I do love you
What if it's true
What if it's you

If destiny called and I missed my cue
Do I get one more chance
Oh how I wish I knew
I'll never again put my heart in the hands of fate
If it's too late
If I ever hold you I'll never let go
But if I never do how will I know

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