I’m not very good at discussing politics. When I was growing up, mom told me there were three things you never discussed: politics, religion and money.

When I was younger, it didn’t really seem to matter. It was hard to comprehend that those folks in Austin and Washington, DC were doing things that effected my life.

And now it scares me shitless. I think we are in deep doo-doo. And this is not a bipartisan issue. It took both the Republicans and the Democrats to get us here.

In our current campaign for Governor, I wish I had that "none of the above" option.

Republican Rick Perry – Our incumbent . . . has been very disappointing for me. We need to make serious changes to our education system and he’s not getting it done.

Democrat Chris Bell – Who? Before the campaign ads started up, I’d never heard of this guy.

Independent Carol Keeton Strayhorn – I like what she has to say and I expect she’ll get the vote of those against the Trans-Texas Corridor, but I don’t think she can win.

Independent Kinky Friedman – I’ve thought about him being my protest vote, but I don’t think he can win and I’m not sure that he should.

I don’t consider myself a Republic or a Democrat. I vote both ways. It always comes down to who I think is the right candidate – regardless of their party.

And when it comes to thinking about 2008 . . . oh, holy hell.

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