I'd already powered down for the evening, but had to log back on for this one.

Each night in my household we have a bedtime treat. Gigi must take an allergy pill each day ($29 per 15-day supply). Of course, its a heinous sized pill that she would never take willingly, so she receives it wrapped in a piece of deli sliced Oscar Mayer ham.

It's a nightly ritual. I call out, Who wants a treat? and they both come running. It took Cory a while to figure out how to eat the ham (?!), but she's a real pro now.

So tonight we are doing the deed. I'm wrapping her pill in a slice and they are both salivating at the smell.

When suddenly there was a thump on my back screen door (yes, the door was open). We all three turned to look.

I said, Oh shit!

Gigi charged the door barking.

Cory kept eating.

It was a skunk. Hitting on my screen door. Apparently, it wanted some ham too.

And man, do those suckers flip around fast to flash that tail.

Thank heavens I was faster at getting to the door.

Thank heavens the skunk ran away without leaving its scent.

And yes, I live in a well populated area of a major metropolitan city.

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