I haven't been talking much about the TV season this year. Dunno why, there are some new shows I really love.


 Like Ugly Betty, The Nine,  Brothers & Sisters and Studio 60. Plus some favorites, like Lost and Grey's Anatomy are back in their fabulous form.

I love America Ferrera and have since Real Women Have Curves (if you haven't seen it, rent it). Love her! And that hunky boss of hers isn't hard on the eyes either.

The Nine totally has me intrigued. And any show that brings Scott Wolf back to TV is an alright show with me. Charlie and Bailey on the same night. Heavens!

And it's nice to see Rachel Griffiths, Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson in roles as strong, smart, witty and real-looking women. OK, except for maybe the wrinkle-less foreheads.

I've been recording Gilmore Girls, but almost afraid to watch after what I've read. Although I do like Lorelai and Christopher together. Don't me wrong, I was thrilled when they finally got Luke and Lorelai together, but there's just something there with her Baby's Daddy.

The verdict is still out on Desperate Housewives. I'll give them a few more chances. I do like Men in Trees, but I still don't think it will make the final cut . . .

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