Do you ever wish you could take something back the day after you blurted it out? Oh, guess that's a silly question. We all do.

I regret making the travel arrangements for my niece's wedding so fast. In hindsight I question my sanity. Maybe it's wishing for a "normal" family? I dunno, but it's costing me a small fortune to spend time with someone who barely spoke two words to me last time I saw her.

This week I've been kicking myself since I offered to take care of her wedding cake. I've got to stop smoking crack.

My niece wrote back today:

That would be great. I hadn't really planned on having a cake at all. I can pretty much tell you what I would like; I've looked at their designs and they should be able to do it

  • one layer white, one layer chocolate if possible; if not, do marble for all
  • 14 people, large servings better than small 🙂
  • No fillings, darker cream colored icing for accents
  • The 50/50 frosting blend sounds like a good choice but I’m game for anything
  • I want a smooth icing texture, no borders at top edge, only at the bottom edge
  • I like the hearts designs like on Hearts of Desire (romantic) but combined with swirls like on the blushing bride or fuscia swirls (floral)
  • No cheesy plastic topper, red roses on top like on LV Wedding Vows (floral) but none on the bottom – smaller set of roses on top is fine as well

I’d say that the LV Wedding Vows cake is most like what I’m looking for. Thanks for doing this!!! We'll see you very soon!

I had to laugh that for someone who wasn't planning on a cake, she sure knew what she wanted. Here's the cake:

I have no idea what it will cost and have sent in a "Quote a Cake" request. Surely cake for 14 won't be that much, right? I agree that the larger roses on top are a little too big. Her bouqet is red roses (I only know this because I looked on the sire where she made the ceremony arrangements), so it will at least match that way.

Oh, and the groom has decided to wear pants afterall.

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