Goodnight Nobody : A Novel
Jennifer Weiner

I love Jennifer Weiner. She's one of my favorite authors. Probably because her protagonists start at size 12 and up.

I've put off picking up Goodnight Nobody because I thought Little Earthquakes was only "ok." I finally put it on my library list and started it last night. I plowed through the first 170 pages before forcing myself to go to sleep.

I guess her earlier books were more interesting to me because the characters were single and looking for love (or sisterhood). In Little Earthquakes and this new book, her characters are married with kids. Which I am neither. This time, it's a chick lit murder mystery.

Kate is a former writer/editor who live in the suburbs with her husband and three kids. She finds the body of an acquaintance and gets caught up investigating the murder. It's been a fun, light read that I am anxious to get back to.

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