You may not know this, but many people actually have a very hard time deciphering popcorn labels. After all, most of the nutritional info pertains to UNPOPPED kernels. And who on Earth eats those (except for us when we’re desperate and get to the bottom of the bag)? Well, the popcorn experts at Jolly Time are shedding some light on this subject. Tracy Boever, a popcorn specialist and PR exec at the company explains that the FDA requires them to list nutritional info for popcorn in its unpopped state, and, for ONE CUP in its popped state. So now the company is teaching consumers how to read their boxes. To get true nutritionals for a serving of popcorn, simply ignore all of the “unpopped” nutritional info, and multiply all the “popped” numbers by FIVE. It’s not that complicated really, but you’d be surprised how confusing it is to people. Still confused? Click here for a detailed explanation from Jolly Time.

~ taken from the Hungry Girl newsletter