If you’re not reading Jimbo every single day I don’t understand you.

It is unlikely that I will ever, EVER, willingly return to this country again. Despite it’s history. Despite it’s beauty. Not only do have the worst luck in Italy, between the bad weather and my poor health, and just downright bad-timing, I’m increasingly convinced that Italy is a third world shit-hole masquerading as a modern, western nation. And mind-you, I LOVE third world shit-holes. I mean that only in the nicest way. Shit-holes rock. They are quirky and smelly and surprising and frequently beautiful. They force you to change the way you look at your own life while you look at theirs. However, this particular shit-hole comes not only with all the dangers and inconveniences of the third world, but with the price tag of the first. And no matter how much I love the people and love the food and love their history, hell, MY history, I feel no need to get fully fucked over in order to experience it

And after two trips to this place, the cradle of my history and the birthplace of my ancestors, two miserable trips that both rate as the worst vacations of my life, I can totally understand WHY THEY LEFT. ~ Jimbo on Italy

Look, if you can’t laugh at the words, at least go look at the pretty pictures: