It’s hard to believe that one year ago today we started our morning with a balloon ride. And it’s been a year since the 80 cards for 80-years-old card project. Where has the year gone?

Last night I had mom and Linda over for quiche and salad, movie and birthday carrot cake. I wanted to cook myself, but my allergies were just awful so I bought everything at Central Market. Thankfully everything was delish.

Today I went to her office with more birthday (red velvet) cake and flowers. They don’t really acknowledge birthdays there (and it’s a church office!?), so it was nice to have people come around wishing her a happy birthday.

Tonight Gigi and I have her our first obedience class, so that’s why we aren’t getting together this evening.

Saturday I got to wear my $24.88 (boob smooshing) dress to a wedding. Di looked gorgeous and her husband seems to be perfect for her.

This is a family I’ve essentially grown up with. Sandy and I have been friends since 8th grade, so I’ve been there for almost every familyoccasionn over the years.

It was nice to see everyone spiffed up. The mother-of-the-bride looked absolutely beautiful. I think I complimented her so much she was starting to think, “Well, how to I normally look?”

It’s odd to see the teenage/20+ year-old kids of her sisters and brother. And then Di’s grown-up friends. Aren’t they still supposed to be in high school?

There was a DJ and people spent the evening dancing. It was lots of fun to watch and participate. Early on my Godson was sitting it out, so I leaned in and told him, Just so you know for future reference, girls really like boys who will dance with them. I don’t know that that was the true motivating factor, but he did get out there eventually. It’s fun to watch everyone have a good time.

Miscellaneous thoughts: I love my new DVR. I tested it out by recording a rerun of Commander In Chief. I will now DVR My Name is Earl and watch Commander In Chief. Ditto for Everybody Hates Chris while I watch Alias.

I think we are going to ask our professor to remove one of our group members. She’s just not working well with the rest of us. This week we move to The Great Gatsby, which I’ve already read. Ditto the movie. I don’t remember really liking it, so this should be interesting.

Friday I am taking a GRE Field Test as a “guinea pig” for $80. I’m hoping it will come in time to be Christmas money. Then Monday is a holiday, so I am looking forward to a four-day weekend.